I was bathed in assurance and comforting knowledge.  I was gently suggested techniques that worked, my husband was given plenty of space, support, & guidance, and we were both blessed with a beautiful experience.  Having a doula made this memorable experience easier and enjoyable.

~ Christina

Christina and baby

Dawn is an impeccable doula.  She effortlessly answers questions about the birthing process and is well informed on topics surrounding having a baby. Her patient and caring demeanor puts everyone at ease. My husband, midwife and I all found Dawn’s presence to be soothing. She has a heart to serve – willing to get food, walk with me as labour progressed, and gave my husband and I time alone together. Dawn came prepared with supplies, like a heating pad and leg warmers, that got me through two moments of extreme discomfort. Dawn is passionate about birth, and was excited with me and my family.   I’m excited for you to experience having Dawn as your doula and for Dawn to continue to thrive in the work she is so cut out to do! ~Meredith

Dawn was an amazing support during the entire process of bringing our first child into the world.  During our pre-birth visits, Dawn asked great questions to learn about our expectations and desires. It was comforting to know someone who knew the ins and outs would be along to support us.  During labour, I appreciated the insight and care Dawn provided. She helped my wife be comfortable and helped me support my wife during an intense time. Dawn was a great teammate in working with me to cheer my wife. She was also helpful in explaining various things that were happening that the hospital staff didn’t.  After delivery, Dawn gave us personal care and lots of practical tips to get us going on the right foot.  We felt like a team with Dawn. I highly recommend Dawn as an outstanding doula for her kindness, sensitivity, knowledge and care. ~ Russ


I cannot say enough about why it was great to have a doula. Dawn was incredible in bringing my focus back to my breathing when I wanted to give up. She offered support in talking about the birth before and afterwards. She shed light on some of my reactions, and allowed me to have another perspective on the experience. I really wanted a drug-free birth, and thanks to Dawn, that was possible, even with a very large baby! She also took pictures of some precious moments with dad while I was being looked after! I plan on having Dawn at future births of my children. Her calm and direct demeanor is invaluable. Thanks Dawn – you are amazing!    ~Andrea

Having Dawn at the birth of our son was a huge blessing to me. There were so many things going on all at once and I was totally overwhelmed. Dawn saw what needed to happen and helped us do it whether it was breathing exercises or moving from home to the hospital or fetching coffee and breakfast once the baby was born. She was extremely supportive all the way through and we really appreciated having her with us. This was our first child and I can’t imagine trying to do it again without her.    ~Steve

I thought I knew what to expect when giving birth. I did all the research, and prepared myself for it. But it was unlike anything we could have ever imagined. Having Dawn with me encouraged me and kept me focused. During the tough moments, I was relieved that she was with me. I was so blessed to have the natural drug-free delivery that I had planned. I felt empowered to have accomplished such a huge task.  It didn’t stop there. Dawn helped us with everything after our son was born. From breast feeding to how to bathe a newborn. She answered all of our first-time parent questions, and eased our transition into parenthood. ~Stacey