Will a doula replace my partner at the birth?

No, a doula plays a crucial role in helping a partner become involved in the birth to the extent they feel comfortable.

Does a doula make decisions on my behalf?

A doula does not make decisions for clients or speak for them. A doula can provide information and emotional support and respects the decisions that are made.

What is the difference between a doctor, nurse, or midwife and a doula?

A doula is trained to be a continuous emotional and physical support during labour, but does not perform medical or clinical tasks.  A doctor, nurse, or midwife is trained to do medical procedures and evaluate the well-being of both mother and child. As shifts change, you may see different doctors or nurses during your labour and birth. A doula, however, stays with you continuously. Also, your doula focuses only on you, but a doctor, nurse, or midwife may have other moms to look after at the same time.  A doula works cooperatively with your entire healthcare team, whichever caregivers you choose.

If I have a midwife, is a doula still helpful?

Yes, as the midwives attend to monitoring the health of mom and baby, and charting the labour and delivery process, a doula is there with you to meet your practical needs- coaching you through each contraction, suggesting positions and comfort techniques, and providing encouragement.

Will a doula support me at home or in the hospital?

A doula provides support in any location you request.  This can be at home, in the hospital, or a combination of both.

Do doulas only take clients who want to have a natural, un-medicated labour and birth?

No, a doula supports her clients in whatever their desires are for the birth.  Doulas are trained to support women through a variety of preferences and outcomes with unbiased and non-judgmental support.

Do doulas attend planned Caesarean births?

Yes. A doula is a wonderful support during a caesarean birth.  If you do not have a partner, or if your partner cannot join you in the operating room, a doula may accompany you during the surgery.  Depending on the hospital’s policy, if your partner goes in with you, a doula may or may not be permitted to accompany you and your partner.  A doula can, however, support you as you prepare for the birth, in the moments before the surgery, and immediately after as you recover.

At what point in my pregnancy should I contact a doula?

You can contact a doula at any point during your pregnancy. However, in order to ensure a doula is available for the time surrounding your due date, it is helpful to contact your doula as early as possible.